Label Everything.

Luxury Labels & Name Tags

Handcrafted in the USA. Dishwasher & microwave safe labels for everyone.

Kiddo Tags™ are the epitome of luxury name tags. Made from dishwasher & microwave safe premium materials, waterproof and weather-proof (UV-Resistant). Each label is handcrafted in the USA by a mom who understands the importance of quality and style. Give your Kiddo the luxury they deserve with Kiddo Tags™

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We love our new tags!!! They are adorable! Although the first day of
daycare will be tough - hopefully the pudgy little penguin can put a
smile on our faces!!!

L.C. Lanza

In spite of hundreds of washings, both by hand and in the dishwasher, the tags on my daughter's bottles and sippy cups look brand new! No fading, no peeling, no rubbing off.

J.H. Lee

Kiddo Tags are a must have item for a child in preschool, where everything has to be labeled. We highly recommend Kiddo Tags to all our students.

Kasandra McDaniel

The Goddard School


We love the Kiddo Tags labels. They’re so easy to use for sippy cups, jackets and basically all the clothes we take to The Goddard School Preschool and Sunday school.

Jean Croft

Executive Director, Goddard