Paci NUK® Tags
Paci NUK® Tags
Paci NUK® Tags
Paci NUK® Tags
Paci NUK® Tags

Paci NUK® Tags

Paci Nuks are an easy way to track your baby’s pacifier. Paci Nuk labels were made specifically for the popular Nuk® pacifiers because of the specific size of the pacifier. This is a must for moms of multiples and perfect for daycare. Excellent for all your Daycare or School items. Don’t let that paci get mixed up in the germ pool! Dishwasher and Microwave safe!

     Paci Nuks Are Great For:

  • Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips
  • Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups, Lunch Boxes, Tupperware, Diaper Bags
  • Lotion Bottles, Powder Bottles, Diaper Creams, Sunscreen Bottles
  • Homework Folders, Books, Notepads, Storage Containers
  • Toys, Stuffed Animals, Blankie
  • Sporting Goods such as Balls, Bats, Bags, Helmets, Shoes
  • Laptops, Cell Phones, Tablets

    *Does not stick to rubber or silicone.

Dimensions: 1.125" x 0.35"

  • 144 Paci Nuk Tags (Max Pack) (3 Sheets) $27.99
  • 96 Paci Nuk Tags (2 Sheets) $19.99
  • 48 Paci Nuk Tags (1 Sheet) $14.99

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